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18-403: Microfabrication Methods and Technology




This course is a laboratory-based introduction to the theory and practice of microfabrication. Lectures and laboratory sessions cover fundamental processing techniques such as photo-mask creation, lithographic patterning, thin film vacuum deposition processes, wet-chemical and dry-etching processes. This is primarily a hands-on laboratory course which brings students into the microfabrication facility and device testing laboratories. Students will fabricate electronic and opto-electronic devices such the metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) capacitor, the Schottky diode, the MOS transistor, the solar cell, and the light-emitting diode. An understanding of the operation of these building block devices will be gained by performing measurements of their electrical and opto-electronic characteristics. Emphasis is placed on understanding the interrelationships between the materials properties, processing, device structure, and the electrical and optical behavior of the devices. The course is intended to provide a background for a deeper appreciation of solid state electronic devices and integrated circuits.

2 lecture periods per week and a minimum of 4 laboratory hours.

Prerequisites: 18-310

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Semesters offered:

  • Fall 2016
  • Fall 2015
  • Fall 2014