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18-390: ECE Co-op




The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon considers experiential learning opportunities important educational options for its undergraduate students. One such option is cooperative education, which provides a student with an extended period of exposure with a company. To participate, students must work with their academic advisor to complete an ECE Co-op Approval form and submit for approval. Students must possess at least junior status and have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above. All co-ops must be approximately 8 months in uninterrupted length. If the co-op is approved, the ECE Undergraduate Studies Office will add the course to the student's schedule. Upon completion of the co-op experience, students must submit a 1-2 page report of their work experience, and a 1-2 page evaluation from the company supervisor to the ECE Undergraduate Office. International students should also be authorized by the Office of International Education (OIE). More information regarding CPT is available on OIE's website.

Last Modified: 2024-06-27 4:14PM

Semesters offered:

  • Fall 2024
  • Spring 2024
  • Fall 2023
  • Spring 2023
  • Fall 2022
  • Spring 2021
  • Fall 2020
  • Spring 2016
  • Fall 2015
  • Spring 2015
  • Spring 2012
  • Spring 2010
  • Fall 2005