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18-537C5: Special Topics in Computer Systems: An Introduction to C and UNIX




This course is designed for those who are already confident programmers in some language, but without experience in the C Language or with software development in the UNIX environment. Although basic programming language concepts, such as constants, variables, conditionals, looping, functions, &c will be reviewed, the focus will be on the idiosyncrasies of, and effective software development with, the C Programming Language in a UNIX environment. Examples include pointers, dynamic memory, low-level I/O, the creation of generic data structures without classes and objects, and the use of tools commonly available in the UNIX environment, including gcc, gdb, valgrind, git, make, the UNIX shell, common UNIX utilities, shell scripting, and ssh.

Last Modified: 2023-04-17 11:22AM

Semesters offered:

  • Summer-1/All 2023
  • Summer-1/All 2022