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18-537D6: Special Topics in Computer Systems: An Introduction to Python and Machine Learning




This course is an introduction to programming in the Python Language, including the use of libraries such as numpy and PyPlot, and Machine Learning using Google's CoLab, TensorFlow, and Keras. Programming topics covered include all of the usual fundamentals, such as constants, variables, primitive data types, arithmetic and expressions, strings, regular expressions, functions, conditionals, iteration, collection classes, file I/O, classes and objects, and exceptions, as well as somewhat less-common features of Python such as comprehensions, generators and generator pipelines, coroutines, and the use of numpy and pyplot. Machine Learning exposure includes using TensorFlow for image and audio classification with deep and recurrent neural networks, generative networks, understanding over-fit and under fit, and building pre-processing pipelines.

Last Modified: 2022-06-27 3:53PM

Semesters offered:

  • Summer-1/All 2022