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18-615: Micro and Nano Systems Fabrication




This is a new course intended to introduce students to the process flow and design methodology for integrated systems fabrication. The course will present this material through two paths. Lectures will be presented on the basic unit processes of micro and nanosystems fabrication: deposition, patterning, and etching. Lectures will draw on examples from:

Semiconductor device fabrication;
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication;
Magnetic device fabrication, and;
Optical device fabrication.

Problem sets will be given based on this lecture material to allow students to quantitatively analyze certain process steps in detail. The second path for material presentation will be through a series of labs that allow students to design, fabricate and test an integrated device. These laboratories will be scheduled at regular meeting times, and will use research facilities within the ECE department.

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Semesters offered:

  • Spring 2024
  • Spring 2023
  • Spring 2022
  • Spring 2020
  • Spring 2019
  • Spring 2018
  • Spring 2017
  • Spring 2016
  • Spring 2015
  • Spring 2014
  • Spring 2013
  • Spring 2012
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