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18-743SV: Energy Aware Computing




This course provides a comprehensive coverage of topics related to energy aware and green computing. While it is widely recognized that power consumption has become the limiting factor in keeping up with increasing performance trends, static or point solutions for power reduction are beginning to reach their limits. This course is intended to provide an insight into: (i) power and energy consumption modeling and analysis; (ii) energy aware computing, i.e., how various power reduction techniques can be used and orchestrated such that the best performance can be achieved within a given power budget, or the best power efficiency can be obtained under prescribed performance constraints; and (iii) green computing in the context of large scale computing systems or smart grid-aware computing. Recommended: basic VLSI design, basic computer system organization, basic compiler design and OS knowledge.

Prerequisites: Senior or Graduate Standing.

Last Modified: 2018-06-05 2:24PM

Semesters offered:

  • Fall 2018
  • Fall 2017