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18-744SV: Connected Embedded Systems Architecture




Connected Embedded Systems Architecture (CESA) is a one-semester lab-based course that addresses the core concepts of modern embedded systems with a particular emphasis on the emerging field of apps that span small, embedded devices (including wearable electronics, so-called Internet of Things devices, and mobile phones) to the cloud. We will examine the evolution of the nature of IoT from the early days of wireless sensor networks to the future vision of federated, time-synchronized, scalable, virtualized "fog computing" platforms.

The course is designed to take a systems approach and, as such, will include relevant topics from both software (cloud, network, device) and hardware (network and device). The course content is aimed at systems engineers who wish to architect, develop and deploy cloud-connected embedded systems in which the "apps" change, mature and evolve over time. The course stresses the creation of engineering frameworks in which tradeoffs can be rationally made between computing and storage that should be done on coin-cell-powered devices vs. computing and storage that should be done in the network or in the cloud.

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Semesters offered:

  • Spring 2020
  • Spring 2019