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18-873: Spacecraft Design-Build-Fly Laboratory




Spacecraft design is a truly interdisciplinary subject that draws from every branch of engineering. This course integrates broad skillsets from mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, and robotics toward the goal of designing, building, testing, and flying a small spacecraft over the course of two semesters. Students will engage directly in all aspects of the spacecraft mission lifecycle from initial requirements definition through mission operations. YES, WE ARE REALLY GOING TO LAUNCH A SATELLITE INTO SPACE AS PART OF THIS COURSE. Students will work in subsystem teams, each focusing on some aspect of the spacecraft, but will be exposed to many different disciplines and challenges. Practical, hands-on, engineering skills will be emphasized, along with building and testing physical hardware and flight software.

Last Modified: 2024-06-28 2:38PM

Semesters offered:

  • Fall 2024
  • Fall 2023