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18-883R1: Special Topics in Energy Systems: Electric Power System Basics for the Non Power Professional




This course will introduce the continuum of solutions that provide electrical power systems to support human activity. Examples including national and international high voltage systems, industrial and vehicle systems, and rural microgrids systems will be examined. We will discuss the physical, technical, and economic factors that affect how we specify and maintain electric power systems for different demands. Students will become familiar with the physics of energy conversion and electricity networks, and aware of the associated equipment. They will also learn the financial and organizational relationships that support a viable electric power system. After completing this course, students will know how to assess large and small power system enterprises and their customers regarding the information, communications, and power technologies they need. They will understand how to specify power systems for new applications.

In Fall 2019 this course is broadcast to the CMU-Africa campus. ECE Pittsburgh students attend classes synchronously with students in Rwanda.

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Semesters offered:

  • Fall 2019