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18-449: Distributed Embedded Systems




This course introduces the principles for designing distributed embedded systems with a mixture of heterogeneous network-connected resource-constrained devices. This course will address the new challenges designers face as embedded systems are connected forming large-scale networks that sense, monitor and control elements of the physical environment in real-time. This includes topics related to transducer hardware, operating systems, time synchronization, energy management, modeling, simulation, and security. We will study recent applications in the domain of safety-critical systems, smart grid technology, intelligent buildings, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems used in manufacturing and automotive systems. The course will include a significant project component that gives students hands-on experience building systems that use current RTOSes on micro-controllers alongside Embedded Linux on application processors that span cloud, edge and device. This course is crosslisted with 18-649. ECE graduate students will be prioritized for 18-649, and ECE undergraduate students will be prioritized for 18-449. Although students in 18-449 will share lectures with students in 18-649, students in 18-449 will receive distinct homework assignments, distinct programming projects, and distinct exams from the ones given to students in 18-649. Specifically, the homework assignments, programming projects, and exams that are given to the 18-649 students will be more challenging than those given to the 18-449 students.

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Semesters offered:

  • Fall 2022