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18-847D: Special Topics in Computer Systems: Foundations of Blockchains and Distributed Consensus




In this course, you will learn the mathematical foundations of distributed
consensus as well as how to construct consensus protocols and prove them
secure. We will motivate distributed consensus with a modern narrative, and
yet we will cover the classical theoretical foundations of consensus. We will
cover both classical, permissioned consensus protocols, as well as modern,
permissionless consensus protocols such as Bitcoin.

ECE doctoral students will receive priority. MS students or Senior undergraduate students who have taken three of the following, or equivalents, are encouraged to contact the instructor for permission: (18-213/15213, 18-330/15330, 18-334/18-731, 18-335/18-732, 18-460/18-660, 18-461/18-661, 18-465, 18-733, 15259/15659, 15356, 15451, 15440/15640, 15455)

Last Modified: 2020-07-01 2:26PM

Semesters offered:

  • Fall 2020
  • Fall 2015